Upcoming Enhancements At SquarePeep

This year at SquarePeep has been exceptionally busy, with our launch towards the beginning of the year & a growth spurt that we could have never have even imagined throughout the middle it’s safe to say that all hands have been on deck. One of our core values is to continually innovate & launch new

New Privacy Settings: Hide Your Profile & Content From Feeds

Don’t want your content to be displayed to others in the main SquarePeep feeds? No problem. Don’t want your account to be recommended to others in the “Who To Follow” sections? Again, no problem. Thanks to the addition of our latest feature you can remove your content & profile from feeds (but let people access

Premium Snapchat? Yep – That And More!

First thing’s first, we’d like to let you know that we’ve now added Snapchat to the list of optional social media profiles that you can add onto your SquarePeep profile’s “About” page as shown below: But there’s more… We’ve actually gone one better & we’ve now created “unlockable social media profiles”. This basically means that

Increase Your Earnings With Brand New Bonus Videos!

When we first launched we only provided the ability to share photos – and whilst there are admittedly some amazing photos out there we just couldn’t help but feel like something was missing… And that something was video! But fear not it’s missing no more as from now onwards you can share both photos AND

SquarePeep Launches!

At last we can say it… Welcome to SquarePeep! After a LONG time in development we’ve finally opened our doors & are now welcoming new members. 🙂 It’s funny how what started out as a “silly little idea” one morning has ended up turning into this, but hey-ho, here we are & we hope that